Mission Control Feature Alert: General Availability of Embedded Insights


Mission Control is pleased to announce that accessing your data just became easier.

We believe that the insights empowered by the data we collect on your behalf have the potential to reshape the way you think about patient movement. In the past, we have provided this information through a third-party platform that required a separate log-in and password. We’re committed to making our technology as efficient and easy as possible for you, so starting today you can access Mission Control Analytics within the existing application at missioncontroltransfer.com. No new login. No new password to manage. Just an easy “click” on the Insights tab will bring you straight to the content you need.

No new login. No new password to manage. Just an easy “click” on the Insights tab will bring you straight to the content you need.

Once you navigate to the Insights tab, you can choose from the available reports on the left-hand side.

There are a couple of handy icons in the top right-hand corner: Full Screen (you guessed it, that makes the report Full Screen-sized) and Bookmark. You can create Bookmarks to save specific filters and clicks or save your work and come back to it later. For example, you could set the date to “Last 30 days”, filter to Time Critical Diagnosis = “true,” click on “Stroke” in the Working Dx visual, and save this Bookmark as “Past Month TCD Strokes.” Next time you log in, you can access this Bookmark and get straight to Insights.

Any time you see data in a table, you still have the ability to “export” to a .xcl file or .csv. This can be an effective way to make comments on past transfers that may need further review.

Additionally, all Medical users will now have access to My Missions, a new interactive dashboard that shows you basic info about the patients you have transferred, like common diagnoses, destinations, and acuity distribution.

Keep in mind, this data is limited to only missions that you have created.

Also newly available is the Facility Info dashboard, where a user can see the contact info, preferred destinations, and preferred vendors. This allows users to reference the information being leveraged by Mission Control Operators to carry out the mission according to your hospital’s set preferences. This information can be easily updated upon request to ensure that we are always executing on your behalf, according to your needs.

For you quality directors, ED directors, directors of nursing, CNOs, and others tasked with leading the organization, you can request access to Transfer Insights, and see rich data across every single transfer entered into Mission Control. This is where the magic starts to happen. What time of day do we tend to transfer Orthopedic patients? How long does it take for a vendor to arrive for time-critical strokes? Where am I sending the most STEMIs and by what mode?

All you need to do is reach out to analtyics@motient.io and we will get you up and running (with demos happily available). Training material is also available under the gear icon inside Mission Control.

At Motient, we are committed to continuing to provide you with the most comprehensive data and the most dynamic analytics that we can provide.

More content is planned for release later this year, so look out for exciting announcements this summer.

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Mission Control Resources

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I have really enjoyed working with the knowledgeable and innovative staff within Mission Control! They have observed and created a dashboard that significantly meets our data abstraction needs. This information is in real time and we can access the data points we need very quickly. Mission Control has saved me hours of manual abstraction and I can now present this information to our physicians and leadership through creative charts and graphs. At Newman Regional Health, we are very excited to integrate Mission Control into our daily workflow and look forward to the valuable information the dashboard can provide!

Aubrey Arnold MS, BSN/RN

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Quotation Mark

We started using Mission Control a few months ago because we were struggling with finding patient placement and transportation. Mission Control helped with that significantly. MC is very user friendly! All staff has been so kind and helpful! They are always prompt with assisting us and do a great job in keeping us up to date and informed on any progress they’re making whether that be with a phone call or a message through mission control. They continue to work until transport has been found! We would be lost without them!

DJ Craighead, RN

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