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Medical Solutions

Empower teams with data-driven insights


Seamlessly align patient condition with the best mode of transport by implementing our comprehensive Acuity Index.


Streamline communication and equip senders, receivers, and transporters with up-to-date logistics information in real-time.

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EMS highlights

Stay organized and up-to-date with real-time information


Receive alerts for new calls from hospital systems as they are created.


See organized and relevant patient information when you need it.

Data & Analytics

Ensure quality care and optimize resource allocation


Unify previously inaccessible data with unprecedented insights and a comprehensive analytics platform.


Download and export real-time data, compile specific data sets, and easily conduct line-by-line reviews.

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About Us
About Us

The Creation of Motient: Two Doctors See Possibilities in Challenges

After experiencing the hurdles of patient movement first-hand, two doctors decided to transform them.

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