[webinar] Mission Control: More Than a COVID-19 Solution


The COVID-19 pandemic created an urgency to utilize Motient’s patient movement tool, Mission Control. We’ve been honored to empower healthcare facilities and professionals with this resource as a part of their pandemic-fighting strategy.

But Mission Control has always been more than a COVID-19 solution. We were founded out of a need to standardize the patient transfer process, which, at the best of times, can be chaotic: Time is precious, multiple people are involved from different facilities, and, it seems, everyone has their own way of doing things.

In healthcare, and especially in emergencies, we know that when the clock is ticking, it’s vital to have a process. And when we can extract data from those processes and turn them into actionable insights to make decisions, influence policies, and positively affect the people and patients we care for… Those processes become the key to which doors are opened. Lives can be changed for the better.

It’s Not Just Your Hospital — The Challenges We’re Seeing Across America

Nursing Staffing Shortages

We will continue to feel the effects of the nursing shortages, but what does this mean for our patients? According to this article from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, it could mean “lapses of continuity in treatment, risk of over or under-medicating patients, greater risk of medication errors, risk of infections and compromised data security.”

How a Lack of Data Can Make it Challenging to Influence Regional and State Health Policy

By using Mission Control, facilities can keep a pulse on the types and volumes of interhospital transports occurring hour to hour. The aggregate data from all sending hospitals brings value to the state and your voice becomes powerful. We are stronger together!

Variation During the Transfer Process Leads to a Potential Increase in Errors

When there is variation in how the same process or task is completed, there is a higher chance for errors to occur. That is why standardized processes and checklists are so valuable during interhospital transfer.

Reduce variability and reduce errors.

Bed Shortages and Lack of Resources

There were nursing shortages years before the pandemic. Working with limited staff or resources, nurses have kept patient safety a priority. Hospitals can assist nursing staff by allowing them access to technology that offloads administrative work, so they can continue to monitor their patients at the bedside.

In this webinar, we’ll use data and best practices to explore how a transfer center solution like Mission Control can help your facility.

Mission Control analytics allows hospitals real-time data they can review to assess the patient moving out of their hospital. Reviewing transfer destinations, time-critical diagnoses, and types of patients leaving your facility can assist your organization to evaluate interhospital transfer environment. This evaluation leads to quality and utilization discussions to further improve sustainability of your hospital.

How Creating Efficiencies Leads to Positive Outcomes

Mission Control:

Creates efficiencies in processes and communications

Our platform enables all stakeholders in the interhospital transfer process to have one communication platform to work from. We can all view each other’s communication which brings us all together for the benefit of the patient.

Reduces the workload for your staff

Mission Control is an extension of your hospital’s staff to assist with facilitating your staff to find an appropriate bed and secure transport for your patients.

Standardizes care for emergent transfer patients

— and more.

See you at the webinar on February 23, 2022!

Mission Control Resources

Mission Control Resources

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I have really enjoyed working with the knowledgeable and innovative staff within Mission Control! They have observed and created a dashboard that significantly meets our data abstraction needs. This information is in real time and we can access the data points we need very quickly. Mission Control has saved me hours of manual abstraction and I can now present this information to our physicians and leadership through creative charts and graphs. At Newman Regional Health, we are very excited to integrate Mission Control into our daily workflow and look forward to the valuable information the dashboard can provide!

Aubrey Arnold MS, BSN/RN

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We started using Mission Control a few months ago because we were struggling with finding patient placement and transportation. Mission Control helped with that significantly. MC is very user friendly! All staff has been so kind and helpful! They are always prompt with assisting us and do a great job in keeping us up to date and informed on any progress they’re making whether that be with a phone call or a message through mission control. They continue to work until transport has been found! We would be lost without them!

DJ Craighead, RN

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